Wednesday, March 12, 2008

samutes pans

So the story goes something like this...
About two weeks ago I left a few notes for the girls to find when they woke up the next morning, just a friendly reminder :) One said "Please pick me up off the floor and hang me up. I don't want to get dirty." this was left on the towel that was left on the floor after a shower. The second note was placed on a pile of clean clothes that hadn't been taken care of. " I am all clean. Please fold me and put me away!" Andie loved the notes that morning and told Ben. " I hope she leaves 4 more notes tomorrow!" Not the response I was looking for, but they did do what the note asked, so I'll take it!
A few days later Andie said "Mom, I don't ever want to wear someone elses' clothes that they give me." "Uh, what ever honey you won't have a choice!" So a few days after that we were at a friends house and our friend gave Andie a pair of really cute jeans that her daughter had outgrown. "Score!", is what I thought. I had Andie try on the jeans and they were too big. I asked her to set them aside till they fit her better. So the next Friday when I got up I saw a note and a pair of jeans on the couch. It took a minute but I finally figured out what it said (with the help of Allyson).

I'm not going to wear someone elses pants


Jess said...

That is HILARIOUS!! I love that you have permanant proof online of the things your kiddos come up with! I can feel her pain though-unless they are SUPER cute jeans:)

Tracy said... are hilarious! Mom, watch out.