Monday, June 30, 2008

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I have always wanted to go skydiving! Ben gave me a gift certificate 2 and a half years ago at Christmas. I made the trip (1.5 hrs each way) in October 2007 to jump. I had Allyson, Stacy, and Lisa ready to jump as well. We got there and sat around all day for our turn. I was the first to be strapped up, but in the end only Allyson and Stacy got to jump. Lisa and I got to get onto the plane, but the sun was setting and we never got to leave the ground. I was so bummed that I didn't even want to do it anymore. It took me since then to get excited to drive all the way there to try to jump again. Well Saturday June 28th, one day before Addison turned one I went up to jump. Allyson, Stacey, and Katherine were all there to watch and support. Aren't they sweet? Ben wanted nothing to do with it, so he stayed home with Addison and Andie. ;)
It was beautiful! Everyone should do this at least once. I love heights and I also love doing something kind of crazy every once in awhile, within all the proper guidelines of coarse. Here are a few pics from the jump!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

We visited Myrtle Beach last week for a little family vacation. We had so much fun! We spent time on the beach and in the pool every day. I got a touch fried trying to get a little color, it doesn't take much with my WHITE skin. We were able to do a bunch of really fun activities while we were there. We played miniature golf, watched a 3d eye max about dolphins and whales, went on a dolphin watching boat ride and even got to touch a shark that the shrimp boat thew over to us. I took Katherine and Andie to La Grand Cirque, like circus ole. It was great, we got to sit in the front row! Katherine and I love eating crab legs when we go to the beach so we had crab legs twice while we were there! Ben and I took turns hanging out with Addison while she napped each day. That was the best job because we could sneak a nap if we wanted! I was also able to take my walk / runs of the beach each morning. I love going to the beach to walk by the sand. The girls did great in the 5 1/2 hour drive each way. We listened to Island of the Blue Dolphins on the way home, which we all enjoyed too. I love my little family. We had so much fun together and that makes me HAPPY.

Katherine and Andie each took a turn driving the dolphin watching boat!

We were surprised at how much Addison enjoyed the boat. She loved having the wind blow in her face. She was trying to hang over the edge for awhile too.

Have you ever touched a shark? The skin is really tough and when you rub it from tail to head it feels like sandpaper. There were also 3 smaller baby sharks that we got to see. Addison even touched the shark.

Andie thought we were playing baseball for the fist few strokes, so Ben had to give her a quick lesson. She was doing pretty good after that, even though she wasn't to accurate on her stroke count.