Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Sunday!

We had a nice Easter this year. On Wednesday I realized that my girls did not have any Easter dress to wear, so the sewing wheels started turning. I had been wanting to make a skirted onesie for a test for 2 litte mammas so I started with Addison. Andie loved the onesie dress and begged me to make her one from a t-shirt. Our Easter dresses were coming along! I had just enough fabric to squeeze a skirt out of the fabric for Katherine! We had three happy and beautiful girls on Easter morning, and off to church we went!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

2 little mammas labels

We are in business now! Our fist order of labels arrived this week and we are so excited to get them on all or our products! If you haven't already, please click on the Etsy link on the side of my blog and visit our little store. Buffy and I are having so much fun being creative and running this little shop. Our short term goal is to get 10 sales so that we can join an Etsy Baby group which should generate a lot of future sales, but a requirement is that you have to have sold 10 items to get in. I know that most of you have or at least know of a baby and cute mom who would love our products. Please share the word (like Shana who put our link on her blog!) and don't be shy to place an order! I love you all. Thanks for all you support and love!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Katherine Rocks!

Katherine is in 4th grade and the big test that all 4th graders at her school have to pass this year is States and Capitols with proper spelling! We are so excited to tell you that she passed the test with a score of 95%. Katherine has worked hard at this for a long time and we are so proud! Ben and I joke that we couldn't pass this test on the spot if our life depended on it, we are just tickled that she did such a great job! Katherine YOU ROCK!

Addison 8 months!

Addison thinks she is so big. She was so excited to hang out with her big sisters in the front yard the other day. We took her excersaucer and her favorite toy (a spoon) and she had a blast watching Katherine and Andie play and spending quality time with them in the driveway! Addison took her second airplane trip to visit Buffy and friends, Andrew (my brother) and friends, and Grandma and Grandpa Boyle! Addison had a blast watching Peyton crawl around, but still remains uninspired to try it herself. Clapping and waving hi are her top tricks at the moment. Addison also got to meet the Blad boys for the first time! I told her she can take her pick of the three darling boys to marry when the time is right! Until then I guess we'll keep working on crawling and thinking about growing some teeth, because she hasn't done that yet either. ;)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

samutes pans

So the story goes something like this...
About two weeks ago I left a few notes for the girls to find when they woke up the next morning, just a friendly reminder :) One said "Please pick me up off the floor and hang me up. I don't want to get dirty." this was left on the towel that was left on the floor after a shower. The second note was placed on a pile of clean clothes that hadn't been taken care of. " I am all clean. Please fold me and put me away!" Andie loved the notes that morning and told Ben. " I hope she leaves 4 more notes tomorrow!" Not the response I was looking for, but they did do what the note asked, so I'll take it!
A few days later Andie said "Mom, I don't ever want to wear someone elses' clothes that they give me." "Uh, what ever honey you won't have a choice!" So a few days after that we were at a friends house and our friend gave Andie a pair of really cute jeans that her daughter had outgrown. "Score!", is what I thought. I had Andie try on the jeans and they were too big. I asked her to set them aside till they fit her better. So the next Friday when I got up I saw a note and a pair of jeans on the couch. It took a minute but I finally figured out what it said (with the help of Allyson).

I'm not going to wear someone elses pants

Addison 7 mo, 6 weeks ago.

O.K. so she is 8 and 1/2 months now, but I can't post 8 month pics till I have posted 7 mo. Here we go! Still no teeth to be seen, but Addison is eating her baby food like a champ. She is not crawling, but loves sitting on her own and playing with toys! I think she isn't crawling because there are to many of us around who just want to hold her and squeeze her all day, so she hardly sees the floor. That and the fact that she hates being on her tummy. We are enjoying every minute with her, she makes us all so happy!