Thursday, March 13, 2008

Addison 8 months!

Addison thinks she is so big. She was so excited to hang out with her big sisters in the front yard the other day. We took her excersaucer and her favorite toy (a spoon) and she had a blast watching Katherine and Andie play and spending quality time with them in the driveway! Addison took her second airplane trip to visit Buffy and friends, Andrew (my brother) and friends, and Grandma and Grandpa Boyle! Addison had a blast watching Peyton crawl around, but still remains uninspired to try it herself. Clapping and waving hi are her top tricks at the moment. Addison also got to meet the Blad boys for the first time! I told her she can take her pick of the three darling boys to marry when the time is right! Until then I guess we'll keep working on crawling and thinking about growing some teeth, because she hasn't done that yet either. ;)

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