Sunday, March 16, 2008

2 little mammas labels

We are in business now! Our fist order of labels arrived this week and we are so excited to get them on all or our products! If you haven't already, please click on the Etsy link on the side of my blog and visit our little store. Buffy and I are having so much fun being creative and running this little shop. Our short term goal is to get 10 sales so that we can join an Etsy Baby group which should generate a lot of future sales, but a requirement is that you have to have sold 10 items to get in. I know that most of you have or at least know of a baby and cute mom who would love our products. Please share the word (like Shana who put our link on her blog!) and don't be shy to place an order! I love you all. Thanks for all you support and love!


Jessica said...

Cute! Check out my blog, I linked you! :) Cute stuff Sarah!

Carolyn Hansen said...

I love your shop and will definitely give you a shout out on my blog!