Monday, June 30, 2008


I have always wanted to go skydiving! Ben gave me a gift certificate 2 and a half years ago at Christmas. I made the trip (1.5 hrs each way) in October 2007 to jump. I had Allyson, Stacy, and Lisa ready to jump as well. We got there and sat around all day for our turn. I was the first to be strapped up, but in the end only Allyson and Stacy got to jump. Lisa and I got to get onto the plane, but the sun was setting and we never got to leave the ground. I was so bummed that I didn't even want to do it anymore. It took me since then to get excited to drive all the way there to try to jump again. Well Saturday June 28th, one day before Addison turned one I went up to jump. Allyson, Stacey, and Katherine were all there to watch and support. Aren't they sweet? Ben wanted nothing to do with it, so he stayed home with Addison and Andie. ;)
It was beautiful! Everyone should do this at least once. I love heights and I also love doing something kind of crazy every once in awhile, within all the proper guidelines of coarse. Here are a few pics from the jump!

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