Friday, July 16, 2010

Destin Vaca Day 5 and 6!

We decided to check out the local Barnes and Noble. We scored a few good books and then visited Chilli's for lunch. Pops took Katherine and Andie to the beach while babies slept and Ben and I got a cookie cake for Lulu. Lauren turned 11 months, but we decided to celebrate it as if it were her 1st birthday, since we were all together! The beach was very overcast and we needed some family pictures, so we took the cameras to the beach. I was pretty happy with the results! The girls and I NEEDED more crab legs, and we were told to visit Dewy Destins, so we headed out for dinner. Crab legs were great! We sat outside on a deck over the water. It was hot and muggy, as usual, but we had fun. We came home and celebrated Little Lauren Lulu!
Today we spent time on the beach playing in the waves and sitting with Addison and Lauren. We decided on BBQ for dinner and went to Jim & Nicks BBQ. We loved it!
We have had so much fun here in Destin with Ben's parents. It has been great seeing the kids getting to know them better. I have never been on vacation with extra relatives before, but it has been great! It is nice to take the time to enjoy them without having to worry about our daily life getting in the way. So tomorrow we head back to Atlanta... We have had a great time, but are ready to return to our normal Life in the Oliver Lane.

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