Saturday, July 10, 2010

Destin Vaca Day 1!

We have been so excited to get the heck out of dodge for a vaca. Ben had been planning our getaway since early this year. We did our usual June swim team and then Andie had to get her tonsils out on Addison's 3rd birthday June 29th. So Andie needed recovery time. Somehow with all that plus the extra stresses of life we were able to drive to Destin,FL today.
The car ride went very well, considering the fact that no one felt the need to take a nap and Lauren threw up twice (YUCK). We got checked into our beach house and ventured out to the beach while we had our first load of laundry in the wash including Lauren's car seat! The beach is a short 5 min walk, but oh it is worth it! I watched as Addison dug her toes into the sand and Lauren felt sand on her feet for the first time ever. The sand here is beautiful! No oil bits here, knock on wood. Ben is on his way to pick up his parents from the airport. They are visiting from Nevada, and we are so excited to have them here with us. Here are a few pics and expect more to come over the week.

Addsion rocking out to Justin Beiber, we made her use earphones because we had our fill durring the first hours of the drive.


The Smiths said...

YAY! We missed you guys in GA! Our week was so jam packed it was crazy busy! I about cried when Shanna told me you weren't coming though... BOO! Glad to know you are getting a relaxing week on the beach! Have FUN!

For the Love of French said...

Oh my how the girls have grown, I can't wait to see them end of August beginning of Sept.