Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What a cute couch!

Here are a few pictures of a couple couches that I recently slip covered. I did the first one in January this year for my friend Michelle. I did the second one for a friend of a friend. This couch is used in her sun room. I started slip covering couches when Andie was about 6 months old. We had a great L shaped couch that we bought before Katherine was born for 100.00 in Utah. The problem was that the couch was pastel pink and was really starting to show it's age. We were still students and had NO money to buy a couch. I had been watching all the design shows where they were talking about how easy ;) it was to do it so I decided to try. Several yards of denim fabric later and with some help from Katherine at 4 years old and we had a new couch! I was so excited. The couch has been passed on to a couple in med school, but it is still going strong and looking good in it's denim cover! I have done aprox. 15 since then. I think I just get so excited to see a couch come alive again that I can't resist taking another job.

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