Sunday, May 18, 2008

Addison is 10 months!

My sweet baby is geting big so fast. She finally cut her first two teeth 2 days after turning 9 months! She has since cut two top teeth as well. Addison is still not crawling, when she does get on her tummy she will only scoot backwards. My baby girl is stuck in reverse. She is loving to stand at the couch and will even let go at times to test her balance! Addison is weighing in at 21 pounds and is wearing size 18 month clothes. The next neatest thing about Addison now is that she is trying to say so many words. Dadda was her first word. Momma, again, uh oh, Katherine (ka-krin), baba for bottle, bye bye, and uff for the dogs. These words are not clear as a bell, but she seems to know the context because she always says them at the right time. We are all so in love with this little blessing in our home, we eat her up and squeeze on her daily!

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the buff and stuff said...

21 lbs., wow! i just took pate in and she was weighing in at a whopping 14 lbs.