Sunday, October 7, 2007

sarah and addison visit utah!

a quick visit to smith lane! addison and i are rapping up our visit to buffy's. it has been so fun to play with riley, peyton, buffy, and ian. we had so much fun playing and shopping! the smiths will be on the move to texas soon, this will be the last time we visit them IN utah.

riley requested snuggle time with the girls after her not so long afternoon nap! i love the darling profile. look at addison and peyton together one buddha and one skiny olsen twin. hopefully buff will start feeding her soon! Just Kidding!

buffy and i have our hands full with beautiful babies! i was entertaining the little ones while buff and ian were doing prep work to get their condo ready for the market.

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Jessica said...

Now did Buffy just have that baby?? Totally unfair--where is her baby weight?? Tell her she looks amazing!