Sunday, October 21, 2007

Katherine turns 10 !!!!

I can't believe that my first baby is 10 years old. She was born in Provo, Utah on the day of BYU homecoming at Utah Valley Hospital. This is one of the top 10 busiest hospitals, but I was the only woman in labor at the time. I think all the other husbands made their wife's wait until after the BYU game had finished. Katherine was 7lbs 6oz and was born at 7:06PM. We were so excited for her arrival. She held up her head like a champ the first day she was born!
Now she is 10 and ready to Party! We had a birthday party at our house this past Friday, we had the girls sew pillowcases. They all had so much fun. Katherine had fun with her friends, cake, and cool gifts!
Katherine and her friends! Yessina, Kalee, LeighAnn, Andie, Erin,and Olivia. they are all sporting their new pillowcases before watching a movie together.

LeighAnn, Katherine's cousin! She had a great time even though she had never met any of the other friends before!

Erin enjoying the cake, ya think? ;)

Katherine opening one of the many gifts. Her friends were very generous. It was so nice to have them all over to celebrate and see them all have fun together.


Jessica said...

How wonderful it must be to have a ten year old! I could totally tell that ten year old parties are much different from the 2 and 5 year old parties! What a fun idea to make pillow cases! Tell Katherine Happy Birthday!

Chris said...

Leigh Ann says she can't wait until her 10th birthday party later this month. Katherine's was so much fun! Thanks for having her over.