Wednesday, August 6, 2008

2 little brownies sisters resturant

andie as been pretending to be a server. when we are getting ready to sit down for lunch or dinner she asks me to leave the prepared plates on the counter and we all have to sit at the table and place our order. drinks are ordered first and then we are allowed to place our meal order. it has been pretty entertaining. andie named her restaurant 2 little brownies sisters,she was wearing her brownies vest at the beginning (girl scouts vest). i had some left over fabric from a quilt i had just made and a cute apron pattern that i had not yet had time to make. i decided one evening that she needed a real apron for her restaurant, i had so much fun placing these pieces of leftovers together to make this fun apron. i knew tat i had a 50/50 chance of andie approving of the final product. luckily she loved it! what a doll!


SHANNA said...

so cute.... way to serve your family andie!!!

Chris & Andrea said...

What a cutie! Andie is getting so big. What a good mom, whipping a apron out in one evening. Love ya!

Plus one equals three said...

love it!!! You're so talented. This is Hope by the way!