Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Eve Confessions

My Andie was sooo worried on Christmas Eve that she wasn't going to get any toys for Christmas because she had been a bad girl this year. She spoke to Ben about it in the morning about how she thinks Santa is only going to bring her rocks.

On Christmas Eve we were at Rachel's (my sister) house. I went into the back room to change a baby diaper and Andie followed me in.
Andie: Mom am I going to get rocks for Christmas?

Sarah: no,why would you think that?

a: well I don't know if I have been such a good girl this year ;(

s: of coarse you have been a good girl,what makes you think you have been bad this year?

a: well there is something I think I should tell you, the other day when Hailee came over she left her makeup (lip gloss) at our house. when Katherine and I woke up we put on some of the makeup and we didn't tell you. now I am afraid that Santa will not bring me presents and he will only bring me rocks.

s: Andie, Santa is going to bring you presents I promise. I know you made a mistake but if you make a better choice next time and learn from your mistakes you will be fine. :)

a: I am glad that I told you mom, I feel better now.

And she ran out of the room to go play!

It was such a cute tender moment, and it makes me happy that she feels comfortable enough to come to me. I love this girl!

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Rob, Shanna and the fabulous five said...

that is so sweet!!! andie is such a good girl. i love this story. cute, cute!